Chezlark Top Rentals in Limo & Generator

If you are looking to make a future event extra memorable, then look no further than Chezlark Generator & Limo Rentals.  Whether you are planning a wedding, bachelorette/bachelor party, birthday, anniversary, night on the town, or more we have the hookup in limousine and portable generator services.  We have the years of experience, proper credentials, and attitude toward customer service that will ensure your next event’s plans are smooth riding as soon as you have called us for the task.

The road can be a dangerous place, especially when less seasoned drivers are out.  There are a number of things that you should keep in mind and be looking for when it comes to the search for a responsible and reliable limo service like us at Chezlark Generator & Limo Rentals.  While you compare different services for the best fit, first and foremost you should be asking for documentation to prove registration, licensing, and insurance too.  Every limo company who is legal and legitimate must have all three, and so you should never hire someone who refuses to show you their proof of credentials.  Even if a company who doesn’t show you their accreditation seems very cheap, you should not put the safety of you and those you care about, at risk.

We also recommend that you check more thoroughly into the insurance.  A limo rental & generator company will require not just regular care insurance, but commercial-level policies.  It is important to know that if an emergency (heaven forbid) were to happen while in transit, that the company you are hiring has a great system already set up in place to effectively deal with those kind of rare occasions.   Chezlark Generator & Limo Rentals even personally invites you to our offices to check out our documents, skills, and our limousines as well.

That brings us to another point:  how can you be sure of the limo’s condition until you get to see it in person?  Internet pictures can be quite deceiving with just the ease of strategic lighting and angles, so always ask to check out the vehicles in person.  It would also be wise to ask the about the chauffeur’s policy on gratuity.  If you aren’t aware ahead of time, you could end up with extra fees you didn’t know about, on what was supposed to be your special day.

At Chezlark Generator & Limo Rentals, you can be sure that calling us means a guaranteed great time out on the town.  Regardless of the occasion, we can promise you will get the best in smooth rides with stylish limos and our power generators which send energy to all the extra amenities you will find inside our vehicles.  Our fleet is full of great options like long SUVs, hummer limousine, traditional makes, and even the pink hummer.  We can take a party of any size, anywhere when you call for a consultation with our accommodating staff. Give us a call today or stop by, and stop procrastinating on your event planning today!